Iphone 8 release – new tech

With the release of the iPhone 8 and Iphone X new technologies became available. What will facial recognition/control offer to my system. What is of interest are the possibilities of this tech (especially in low light – critical for dance). Could this be used to control synth parameters ? trigger samples ? Will the device become even more integral in the performance mode ? Time will tell, as developers look for ways to purpose this functionality.

Data Flowchart Iphone

Iphone Flow Chart.001

The techno wasteland.

Is artistic endeavour, “creativity”, design and “the cutting edge” only the domain of those residing in Urban centres where access to infrastructures to support artists endeavours abound? The obvious technology deficits that are forced upon regional and remote communities in Australia is profound. The NBN promises so much for all residing within the network, yet the realty is that it offers very little to mitigate the gapping void between regional and the urban.

Interesting thoughts on Practise as research

dressing it up as research: categories of practice-as-research | practiceasresearchblog


Organisational Skype

Today I had a very good Skype with Steve and Tara. We worked through some timeline ideas and made a plan to work through writing Chapters 1-5 of the thesis. The goal is to submit the first draft of the exegesis by 20th December.

To start this process of created Version 1 of the thesis document.

Summary of the Discussion:

  • Hyper titling each of the craters and then writing to each of these
  • Wearables may not be a candidate for prototyping but there still needs to be a discussion about the emergence of these devices. We discussed briefly physical cultural studies (Routledge Handbook of Physical Cultural Studies)

Available at: https://www.routledge.com/Routledge-Handbook-of-Physical-Cultural-Studies/Silk-Andrews-Thorpe/p/book/9781138817210




“ put the problem into the work”

The Dancer as Musician

In my professional practice as a musician, composer and educator, I have worked extensively with Dance students to create original musical works for choreography. As rewarding as this has been, there has been a limited input into the musical content from the dancers perspective. At best, I may get an emotive description of what the Dancers are going for and in most cases the artist would prefer you to compose the musical content in isolation. There maybe some review, but generally the dancer/choreographer will choreograph to the fixed composition. I have become increasingly interested in the dancer as a musician. Musical content created in real-time by the performer. This is not a new concept and there are many examples of systems that are in place to allow Dancers to control sonic media through the movement of their body within a defined space. The prohibitive factor in many of these systems is the requirement for both costly hardware and software. My research looks to provide a suite of tools for movement controlled and composed sonic media with readily available and cost effective solutions.

Mark receives a NSW Excellence in Education Award

Mark has been awarded for his outstanding contribution to education by the Australian College of Educators (http://austcolled.com.au). Mark received a nomination for this award for innovation and excellence in his field of Creative and Performing Arts. The award will be conferred in Sydney on The 4th August.

Iphone Pros : Easily accessible hardware which is popular and has proliferated worldwide

The proliferation of the smart phone around the world in the past 10 years has been quite astonishing. Is commonplace for people of all ages in particular students and teachers to have access to a smart phone. The devices are in effect powerful handheld computers the container number of high-powered processes and on-board sensors that can relay data. Although this data is intended work with the commercially available software and the features of the particular phone it is also possible to access utilise this data and to control performance based software. By using OSC it is possible to capture and route a variety of control data into a networked computer. A software package such as Max/MSP from the developers Cycling 74 has the flexibility to route this data, scale it to appropriate standards and then implement the data in the control of MIDI based hardware or software devices.

VLOG 5 – Iphone Panel 1.1

Sampling Setup

Here is my sampling setup:

  • Ableton Live Suite for manipulating samples
  • Logic Pro X for editing
  • Push 2 for triggering
  • Studio monitors