The regional challenge

A big part of what I am researching revolves around the regional challenges that students and educators face in the performing arts. This will become a pivotal chapter in my exegesis.

Regional Chapter

Back at it !

Setting for some drone filming in dance studio. Looking forward to getting a great perspective.

Vlog 11- More Wii

In this episode I look at the continuing development of the Wii controller interface for DanceSpace.

Vlog 10 – Wii 2

Here is the latest up date to my Wii controller prototype. As you can see I have added a GUI ready for the user to configure the controller to suit. The next step will be to add the motion detection data back in the system. The great strength of this controller is the simplicity of the design and the inherent ergonomic feel.

The Possibilities of Drones in Dance

The video capture/colour tracking component of my research I believe will transition through a renaissance in the years to come. The use of drones is becoming more and more prevalent in all aspects of out lives. Recently I had the opportunity of a testing a drone indoors in one of our Dance studios. The results were very thought provoking and I can see immediate uses for this tech.

This video from ELEVENPLAY x RZM “fly” (dance with drones) highlights some of the possibly interactions. Although I am more interested in the video capture platform that drones can offer.

ELEVENPLAY x RZM “fly” (dance with drones)

1 Wii, 2 Wii, 3 Wii

While working on a revised version of my Wii controller model it dawned on me that this is one powerful device for my intentions. Then I had the realisation that multiple Wii controllers could provide the type of controller I am after. A dancer utilising 2 Wii controllers will provide greater scope for more “meaningful” interactions with sonic media. Time to get this thing working !!

What are boundaries ?

A great Skype session with Tara Brabazon today focusing on the limits of my research and where the prototyping and artefact suite will get to for submission. At this point of the writing this has proven helpful to re-focus my direction.

Iphone 8 release – new tech

With the release of the iPhone 8 and Iphone X new technologies became available. What will facial recognition/control offer to my system. What is of interest are the possibilities of this tech (especially in low light – critical for dance). Could this be used to control synth parameters ? trigger samples ? Will the device become even more integral in the performance mode ? Time will tell, as developers look for ways to purpose this functionality.

Data Flowchart Iphone

Iphone Flow Chart.001

The techno wasteland.

Is artistic endeavour, “creativity”, design and “the cutting edge” only the domain of those residing in Urban centres where access to infrastructures to support artists endeavours abound? The obvious technology deficits that are forced upon regional and remote communities in Australia is profound. The NBN promises so much for all residing within the network, yet the realty is that it offers very little to mitigate the gapping void between regional and the urban.

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