Iphone 8 release – new tech

With the release of the iPhone 8 and Iphone X new technologies became available. What will facial recognition/control offer to my system. What is of interest are the possibilities of this tech (especially in low light – critical for dance). Could this be used to control synth parameters ? trigger samples ? Will the device become even more integral in the performance mode ? Time will tell, as developers look for ways to purpose this functionality.

Iphone Pros : Easily accessible hardware which is popular and has proliferated worldwide

The proliferation of the smart phone around the world in the past 10 years has been quite astonishing. Is commonplace for people of all ages in particular students and teachers to have access to a smart phone. The devices are in effect powerful handheld computers the container number of high-powered processes and on-board sensors that can relay data. Although this data is intended work with the commercially available software and the features of the particular phone it is also possible to access utilise this data and to control performance based software. By using OSC it is possible to capture and route a variety of control data into a networked computer. A software package such as Max/MSP from the developers Cycling 74 has the flexibility to route this data, scale it to appropriate standards and then implement the data in the control of MIDI based hardware or software devices.

VLOG 5 – Iphone Panel 1.1

Sampling Setup

Here is my sampling setup:

  • Ableton Live Suite for manipulating samples
  • Logic Pro X for editing
  • Push 2 for triggering
  • Studio monitors


Vlog 6 – Implementing MiraWeb

Vlog 2 – Wii Controller Proto 1