Mark Brown

Tracing The Path - Conversation 3 - With Tara Brabazon and Steve Redhead - Reading reading reading (and annotated bibliographies)

Mark, Steve and Tara discuss the reading programme of a doctorate and how to maintain the excitement while not being overwhelmed.  The importance of note taking and annotated bibliographies are discussed.


Tracing The Path - Episode 2

In this Episode I had the chance for quick interview with Bri Thomas who is a Dance teacher at St Columba Anglican School. In this discussion I asked Bri her thoughts on how technology is used in the Dance course.


Tracing The Path - Conversation 2 - With Tara Brabazon and Steve Redhead - How to save two years from Mark's PhD candidature

Tara, Steve and Mark talk about one of those extraordinary doctoral meetings, determining what we are NOT going to include in the PhD.  If such decisions can be made early, years can be saved from a student's candidature.